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3 total 45000 sq. ft.


1 Amada Vipros 255, 31 Station
1 Amada Pega 244, 24 Station
1 Amada Pega S358, 72 Station
1 Strippit Super 30/30 CNC


6 Amada 55 to 100 Tons (6 to 10 feet)   With CNC Control  
1 Diarco 17 Tons 4 Feet
1 Roller 36" 16 Ga


1 Water Jet Omax 2652
3 Cincinatic Arow 1000, CNC Mill 24x40
2 Verticle Mill 10x42 2
2 Goodway Lathe 16x40
1 Cincinatic CNC Lathe
7 Drill Press
1 Amada CNC Saw Automatic
1 Johnson V-H 24 Vertical Saw
2 Amada Tool Grinder
1 Brown & Sharpe Surface Grinder


2 Time Save 37" 1
8 Grinder
10 Deburring Machine
1 Burrking Tumble


10 PC's to handle
   Production Control
   Job Estimates
   Purchasing / Receiving



2 Amada Hydraulic 8 Feet 3/16 Cap
1 Manual Notcher
1 Amada Notcher 


1 Amada spotwelder
1 Amada flat table spotwelder
2 Lors Resistance 30 KVA Sportswelder
4 Lincoln Square Wave 3 300 Heliarc &    ARC Welder
3 Lincoln SP-255 Mig Welders


5 Haeger Hydraulic Press Inserters
2 Pern Inserters
7 Pop Riverters PRT 5200


3 Surface Plate 48"-72"
3 Mitutoyo 24" Dial Height
11 Mitutoyo Calipers Digital Reading Up to 72"
2 Radius Gauge Set
3 Angle Plates
2 Set Thread Gauge
2 Set Block Gauge
3 Pin Gauges set .061 to .500


3 Stake bed 14'
2 T-C-M Forklift 5000 Lbs
3 Pallet Jacks
2 Part Counter

   Cadkey unfold
   Cad Cam & Master Cam


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