Y2k Precision Sheetmetal, Inc.
3831 E. La Palma Ave. Anaheim, CA 92807

V&F Fabrication, Inc.

Thank you for visiting our site.  Y2k Precision Sheetmetal, Inc. is a California Corporation.  We are collaborating with V&F Fabrication in Westminster, California to provide our customers with the total sheetmetal solution.  

Our facility is a total of 45 thousands square feet.  We provide a full service fabrication from prototyping, production to electro-mechanical assembly.  Our capabilities include cabinets, chassis, enclosures, weldments, tubular frames, panels and brackets in the areas of computer, communication, aerospace, medical, restaurant  and power distribution.  

Our mission is to
create a professional and fun environment where we take pride in our work to get the work done right the first time
respect diversity, ideas and hard work
offer the highest quality product and customer satisfaction at an affordable price
utilizing our expertise to offer design assistance and suggestions for manufacturing techniques that will lead to better products and cost savings for our customers
add value to our products because of our experienced and innovative processes
keep up with the technology so we can continue to offer quality at a competitive price
to be ISO 9001:2000 Certify

In this competitive market, we believe in working together, combining our expertise in different areas so we can remain competitive.


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